Lost Ring

Will Tyler and Becca make up or break up?

L.B. Lewis
2 min readApr 23, 2023


Photo by TranStudios Photography & Video

The party was in full swing when Tyler noticed Becca didn’t have her ring.

Was it at home, maybe in the bottom of the toilet again?

He got them both another drink in silence.

Even though he was from the West Coast, he wasn’t a flake. But Becca from the East Coast was.

Until she could keep the ring on her finger for more than a month, he would keep his secret.

For the most part, the $25k matchmaker was right. And, he loved the idea of never having to go on any more dates.

First described as a “work casual relationship,” he was too exhausted to cringe.

It’s true: They both liked Nordstrom and avoided athleisure.

But, the more Tyler thought about it, the relationship really was a lot of work and still casual. Plus, going to couples therapy was something he didn’t expect.

Although his grandmother’s white gold engagement ring, appraised at $40k, fit her well when she did wear it, the relationship was stagnate.

He wanted to move out of their Santa Monica apartment and start shopping for a three-bedroom home in Beverly Hills.



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