Why I Launched Monte Cristo Studio

Spoiler: It was time to make a change for my content development.

L.B. Lewis
2 min readOct 20, 2022


I won a trip to a yoga center many years ago. The email went to spam but since I read my spam, I didn’t miss out.

It was said to be an old monastery and had sparsely furnished, small rooms. I had done yoga for many years but never spent the night in a place like this. The experience opened up a new way of thinking for me. I went back a few more times and also explored other communities.

From planting lemongrass to cutting broccoli, I was working in exchange for food and accomodations. I felt motivated by working hard and the opportunity to be of value. I feel grateful I was welcomed and appreciative of the kindness showed to me.

I carry these memories of how life is a buffet of experiences. About how unique each experience and person is. And, the importance of being true to yourself.

After self-publishing four books from 2016–2021, and getting laid off a few times during this span of time, I’ve continued to build my creative reserves.

I chose to study improv and comedy more during the pandemic. I also chose to get more serious about my wriitng. How this all came together was I experimented and published a comedic memoir, SMALL TALK WITH MYSELF. It was fun to write and was thrilled to have SMALL TALK WITH MYSELF be a 2022 Official Selection for the Catalyst Content Festival as well as reach #1 on Amazon in multiple categories.

Monte Cristo Studio, LLC is now where all my content lives. It’s an island of original content. Truth be told: I’ve always loved Alexander Dumas’s THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO and Gerard Depardieu’s mini-series, too, for the big adventures, sweet victories, and colorful characters. I also want to visit the island of Monte Cristo — if you have, please let me know!

As the founder of Monte Cristo Studio, LLC, I’m dedicated to writing and producing original stories, specializing in comedy, rom-com, and satire. Thank you for all your support and glad to have you on this journey.

Join our launch event on 10.21 in San Francisco: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/monte-cristo-studio-launch-mixer-tickets-436144448787

Learn more and be part of what’s next: https://montecristostudio.com



L.B. Lewis

Author of SMALL TALK WITH MYSELF, a 2022 Official Selection of Catalyst Festival and #1 Amazon book. Views are my own. Founder: MonteCristoStudio.com.