Traveling to Montréal? How to Save Time and Money by Planning Ahead

It took a lot more preparation than I expected, but it was worth it.

L.B. Lewis
4 min readApr 27, 2022


Public transportation in Montréal with Parisan style.

All the hype about “revenge travel” made me skeptical…until I took my first, long-distance trip in over three years.

I was recently laid off from my full-time job and wanted to getaway for the weekend to discover a city I had never been to: Montréal.

Despite a recent Bankrate poll showing inflation is causing 7 in 10 Americans to change summer travel plans, AAA has reported Memorial Day travel reservations are currently double what they were in 2021.

However, MarketWatch writes travelers are canceling plans due to the current rise in COVID-19 cases.

I took a chance and traveled to Montréal during its sixth wave of COVID-19.

First, I signed into my Mr. Rebates account (get $5 when you sign up for a new account) to earn cash for my ticket purchase. Then, I clicked on the CheapOAir link to book my ticket. I earned $5 for the ticket purchase, in addition to getting one of their “super saver” fares where the price and flight duration are given, but the name of the airline and departure time are not. This fare was $100 cheaper than the listed fares for the same day.

After I bought my discounted ticket, I was happy to learn the airline and timetable. The next steps were to prepare not only for the trip but what could happen during the trip.

I wanted to share these tips to save you time and money on your trip to Montréal:

1Get Travel Insurance: I discovered some travel insurance plans offer protection if you get COVID-19. I took the time to do research about which plan offered me the most protection and called two insurance companies to find out more. While I do like to save money, buying travel insurance was an expense that would save me money in the long run if I ran into trip delays or illness.

2 Use the Recommended Apps: To save time, I downloaded the ArriveCan app and added my travel information. I was required to add my trip details, vaccination status, and Quarantine…



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