How I Almost Bought What I Donated…

By: L.B. Lewis

L.B. Lewis
2 min readNov 5, 2023
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Recently, I celebrated two years of living in Los Angeles.

And, I can’t wait until I get to year three.

Because that’s when someone told me I’ll start to have friends.

Until then, I’ve been keeping busy shopping.

Because the shopping is so good here.

And, I’ve never spent so much money on used clothes before in my life.

Through the years, I very much supported Loehmann’s, Jeremy’s, and Tuesday Morning. But they’re all extinct now.

Nothing’s permanent except change in this crazy world and as for this chapter of my life, I’ve (re)discovered Goodwill.

At Goodwill Santa Monica, there’s a designer annex you have to climb one flight of stairs to shop (and it’s worth it!).

Designer brands I’ve gotten there include: St. John, AYR, Joe’s, Equipment, Bloomingdale’s, and Lolë.

Plus, I get a 15% off coupon everytime I donate.

I spend so much time at Goodwill, I almost bought the pants I donated.

It happened naturally while I was looking through the pants rack (picture).

I saw a green pocket stick out and I grabbed it, touching it, thinking these looked so familiar.

Then, I had a nostalgic feeling because I knew I had these exact same pants. I got them during the pandemic and, then when they wore out, I bought the same pair with a gift card I got last Christmas.

“I need to get these pants again,” I told myself, after I saw they were $6.99.

As I took them off the rack, I saw the same grease stain caused by a flying poached egg during a brunch back in May. I couldn’t get it out then and I knew I couldn’t get out now.

And, so I put them back, no longer nostalgic.

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