Eye-Opening Coffee Experiences in Montréal

How a new hobby expanded my horizons

L.B. Lewis
3 min readJun 7, 2022


Image credit: Nancy Bourque

My introduction to Montréal happened in Paris. Over the summers while working in Paris, I met French citizens who had enjoyed living and working in Montréal. I also heard Montréal was a cultural and foodie destination.

Since I love Paris, it was logical to explore Montréal next. After all, it was closer to the U.S. and I knew more about Paris than I did Montréal.

Traveling to Montreal

In April 2022, I got the chance to visit Montréal for four days. It was easy to find a low-priced ticket, probably due to it being off-season. I followed all required protocol and outlined my process in this article.

I planned to walk and use public transportation, which I felt was the best option for me to see more of the city and save money. And, out of an abundance of caution as a solo traveler during COVID-19, there were two things I wanted to do and knew I could do safely: eat and drink.

Coffee in Montréal

When I got to downtown Montréal, my mind took me back to Paris. At the same time, I found myself walking side by side with many locals and tourists, feeling like I was in New York City.

And, to start, I needed a coffee.

After seeing a sidewalk sign for Structure Coffee Roasters, I followed the stairs to the lower level café. Since drinking coffee is a new hobby, one that I started during the pandemic, I’ve delighted in moments of discovery like this. The brightness of the angular space had a barista island welcoming me. The plant wall offered a nice contrast to the white tables while the Corsé magazine display had me curious.

Cup of coffee near plant wall at Structure Coffee in Montreal

I was grateful for the warm service while I listened to the cafe music from another era. It was clear in that moment Structure Coffee Roasters are serious about the art of coffee and providing a unique experience. My canelé arrived, sitting on a china plate, made in England. And, the oat latte proved to be an equally attractive and well-matched, full-bodied…



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