A memoir of donuts, coffee, the pandemic and dating

I love coffee. But it wasn’t always this way.

Here’s why: most people don’t know this but in high school I was in a training video for a large donut chain. My donut boss said I did a great job at the drive-through and that I spoke clearly. That’s how that happened but I never saw the video. I even looked for it once and awhile online.

I worked at that donut shop partly because my swim coach liked those donuts and partly because it was the new thing in town. But really it just made sense to me that…

A short story including a behind-the-scenes look

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It was another day of the pandemic in mid-2020 when our fridge was empty. The last over-priced debacle with online grocery delivery caused us to reassess that choice and now I was the one to forge for food.

I didn’t mind because I was still looking for a job and bored staying at home. Going to the supermarket was my chance to avoid hearing another awkward video call taking place in the living room “office.” It was my chance to go back to our routine of shopping (minus him this time) and discover new recipe inspirations, ripe avocados and unbruised…

Low numbers prompted Wisherie.co’s end

Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder

Back in July, I launched Wisherie.co. It was a barter network rooted in the passion economy and improving mental health. My hypothesis, based on my own Great Recession experience, was that bartering during the Pandemic would provide the opportunity for professionals (mainly job seekers and freelancers) to help small businesses while at the same time offering networking and professional development.

How The Great Recession Led Me To Innovate Now

“Founders often hold too tightly onto solutions and too loosely onto problems,”- Michel Siebel, Y Combinator.

Photo Credit: Alvaro Serrano

We all know startups are supposed to solve problems. And, 2020 has been a record-setting year for problems.

One problem is unemployment. It’s estimated that COVID unemployment could be close to that of the Great Depression which reached 25%, according to Pew Research.

When shelter-in-place took effect in March in the Bay Area, and my projects got put on hold, I started actively networking for a new job. To do this from home, I’ve attended over 100 virtual events in the past six months…

Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too

Photo Credit: Caitlyn De Wild

“Two to three years, max. But… I see you’ve been working freelance for way longer,” a fellow freelancer told me during an informational interview.

Through thick and thin, networking with other freelancers as well as a range of potential partners has been paramount to my survival. The urban legend of two to three years for the average freelancer’s tenure has stuck with me ever since that conversation. Honestly, I’m not going to beat around the bush, but, I never heard this before and haven’t heard it since.

What I have heard from my network since the pandemic layoffs, furloughs and…

Easy Tips for Virtual Relationship Building During the Pandemic

The evolution of virtual meetings continues to break new ground. Zoom, the market leader with 40.49% of the market share, just announced the August release of Zoom for Home, the first of its kind device to enhance the virtual meeting experience.

For job seekers, virtual networking has provided more opportunities to attend company-sponsored networking events as well as those organized by other professional groups. Typically, the format of each networking event is decided by the host and communicated to the participants prior to the event. For example, a virtual networking event may start with a panel of speakers or a…

This is not medical advice. This is not an advertisment.

This is a stock photo. Photo Credit: Antonika Chanel

There’s a lot going on in our inner worlds right now. What’s more is that signs of anxiety and depression are being reported by a third of Americans as one of the effects of the ongoing pandemic.

You might remember that May was #MentalHealthAwareness month. It was amazing to see so many resources to support mental health and social media content highlighting the importance of self-care. In addition, how to overcome social media anxiety has also been a burgeoning topic with more open discussions on using social media in healthier ways.

Listen to “That Time I” Podcast with Author L.B…

Writing, Formatting, and Marketing are Critical to Sales

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

Have you started writing something during the time of coronavirus? Thought about publishing it as a book? I have seen many people on Twitter talk about writing books under quarantine and wanted to share some resources here.

I’ve sold thousands of copies and got to #12 on Amazon for my second book, A MINOR DETOUR. But, when I published my first book on Amazon, I had no previous experience in how to self-publish. The writing process itself took ten years for my first book. I heard that’s normal for a first time author.

I was a complete beginner with a…

Spoiler: I loved it and still do it!

Photo by Michael Oeser on Unsplash

Maybe meditation is not your cup of tea. And, maybe neither is tea.

As a former yoga instructor who has been meditating for over ten years, frequently, I’ve heard: “I love meditating,” “I don’t like meditating but know it’s good for me” and “I can’t meditate.”

And now, with anxiety levels higher than normal, the need to cultivate calm has exploded into a non-stop commercial for “you should meditate” to solve anxious chaos, give hope, and help us love and accept our dysfunctional selves.

But, wait there is more.

With all the scientific research on meditation, our analytical minds are…

A true story

Photo Credit: Bonnie Kittle

“I love job searching,” says no one ever.

Right now, as of April 1, the job sites Indeed, LinkedIn and Angellist all have something in common. They are on a hiring freeze.

Does applying on job sites work?

Listen to L.B. Lewis on her new podcast talk about “That Time I Applied to 600 Jobs”

My personal experience applying for jobs on those sites and many others has been fruitless. While my total on those three sites for jobs applied exceeds 600, I know many people have had great success in finding new jobs and employers finding great candidates.


L.B. Lewis

Award-winning writer + nominee for “Contributor of the Year, Women in Tech” by Hacker Noon. A good story tells itself. www.LBLewis.com.

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